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It's not too late to enroll for the 2015-16 school year!
Montessori Education enrollment
While some of the classrooms at GMS are filling up, we still have space available in our Toddler Classroom for children ages 18 months – 3 years, and in our Elementary classroom for children ages 6-12. For children ages 3-6 we are accepting applications to be on the waiting list, and anticipate spaces opening up in the early fall. We strongly recommend that all prospective parents come and see our school, meet the teachers and observe the classrooms. Learn more: Admissions/Registration
What is Montessori Education?
Montessori Education
Developed by the Italian physician Maria Montessori, the educational approach is characterized by a focus on developing independence, providing freedom within limits, and following the child's interests while respecting and cultivating their social, emotional and intellectual development. Key components of a Montessori classroom include a mixed age community, uninterrupted work cycles, student agency in choosing work, the freedom to explore within a prepared environment, and a trained Montessori Guide. Learn more: About Montessori
Toddler Bilingual EducationWhen children are very young, they have a phenomenal ability to absorb language. During their first years their ears are extremely attuned to sounds. They connect what they see and what they hear around them, organizing this information into language. A child may go from speaking three words at 12 months to three hundred words at 24 months! This presents a tremendous developmental opportunity for a child to learn multiple languages . . . effortlessly.

In Montessori philosophy, the ideal way to present a second language is to have a native speaker of that language who works with the children, speaking only in their mother tongue. There is not a separate time set aside for foreign language – all of the activities and routines of life in the classroom are presented and negotiated in two languages. This way, the children are immersed in all elements of a second language, and meaning is assimilated because all communication is within the logical context of daily life.

Toddler Bilingual EducationIn our 2015-16 Toddler Classroom at GMS, we are thrilled that this is what we will be able to offer! Our AMI trained lead guide, Shanna Shultz will be implementing the Montessori curriculum in English. Her assistant, Xochitl Hernandez Moctezuma will provide the bilingual component, interacting with the children and giving lessons exclusively in Spanish.

There is a great deal of current research that details the many benefits of early immersion in a second language, among them increased vocabulary, deeper cultural fluency, and enhanced cognitive skills.

Toddler Bilingual EducationIf you are interested in learning more about this program or inquiring about available space in the Toddler class, please call the school at 575-388-3343. Admission information can be found on the Admissions/Registration page.
Language development is part of every activity in the Toddler Classroom. Presented in both English and Spanish, a child will naturally absorb the vocabulary and meaning of both languages.

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